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Acta technica JaurinensisVol. 1. No. 1. (2008.)


  • Péter Keresztes ,
    Attila Simon :
    Synthesis of Counter-multiplexer-based Timing Units Applied in Application Specific DSP-ICs61-68enEPA-02537-00001-0050
  • András Farkas :
    On Deriving the Spectrum of Augmented Pairwise Comparison Matrices69-84enEPA-02537-00001-0060
  • Alice Horváth :
    Lower and Upper Bounds on the Expected Value of Service Times of some Railway Transportation Systems85-92enEPA-02537-00001-0070
  • Balázs Horváth :
    A New Public Transport Assignment Model93-108enEPA-02537-00001-0080
  • Gábor Farkas ,
    Gábor Kallós :
    Prime Numbers in Generalized Pascal Triangles109-117enEPA-02537-00001-0090
  • Ruszlán Farzan :
    On Equivalence of an Integral Equation to Boundary Value Problems for the Maxwell Equations119-134enEPA-02537-00001-0100
  • Tamás Hartványi ,
    Tamás Heckenast :
    Virtual Ticket Scheme for Dynamic Capacity Enhancement135-146enEPA-02537-00001-0110
  • Sándor Székely-Doby :
    Parquet Matrices and Applications147-156enEPA-02537-00001-0120