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Practice and Theory in Systems of EducationVolume 5 Number 4 2010


  • Zalay Szabolcs :
    Intercultural Communications in Belarus309-312en [37.77 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0020

    Thanks to the Hungarian Association for Development of Adult Education we were in Belarusian ecological camp with from 20 July to 31 July 2009. The camp's aim was an ecological camp's construction. It was the first step of an extraordinary idea, thanks for the Mercator Foundation from Germany. Three nations, three camps, three years are the fundament of idea in the interest of a worthy aim. The aim is a virtual eco-camp. The camp's exterior story is only of secondary importance. The essence resides in human contacts. The young adults learn from each other most during work and games. So started intercultural communications between the youth of three nations.

  • Alina Brezoi ,
    Roxana Enache :

    An important condition for the achievement of national educational objectives in an European perspective is the educational reforms. Reforming education is not restricted to adopting a framework law, but is a process of restructuring and long-term innovation that may induce many changes in educational legislation. An education reform is carried on for generations and affects all sections of the education system and it must not be perceived only as a matter of administration, but at the level of the entire system. Extensive learning process about the democracy that takes place in Romania now days involves the development of new instruments of law and develops the appropriate legal skills. Also the legal framework must be sufficiently flexible and varied to support frequent changes in education domain. In the end, all innovations in education and radical reforms taking place in the new democracies can be supported by appropriate legislative measures. For referral significance of a legal document must understand the context of political, social, legal, cultural and particularly educational policy directions and priorities. This paper is an overview of European models dealing with the main legal acts of European legislation on educational level, national responsibilities of Romania and concluding with the changes made in the Romanian educational system after EU integration.

  • Homoki Andrea :
    Child Care's Dilemmas in the Primary Schools321-330en [92.43 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0040

    In the integrated lower grade public educational institutions of a small town of the great Plain during the representation of the results of the empirical research in the circle of the pedagogues who work as officials responsible for childprotection - the defining elements of the sturcture of the teachers' co-orperation who work with disadvantaged children sketch. The research which is carried on teachers by focus group interviews reveals: the social, economical, sociocultural status of the official responsible for childprotection and reflects on the professional difficulties, social responsibility of the helping pedagogues; the actual deficiency of the scholar childprotection, child care methodology. During the writing up in a qualitative way the cases that end with success and failure make possible the senseling of the responsibility of the helping work based on multidisciplinar, inter-professional co-orporation, the possibilities of the professional help sketch in kindergarten, school as an appearing phenomenon during the treatment of the social problems.

  • Ortner Rosemarie :

    The article examines two pedagogical situations, in which a specific notion of ethnical/cultural difference is performed by the pedagogue and refused by the client/student. The main assumption of this text is that in pedagogical situation we are constantly producing and reproducing certain notions of difference and their power effects. By applying theoretical tools from deconstructive and postcolonial theories and whiteness studies, this article tries to reflect on those power effects. Finally, it draws conclusions for a pedagogical scope of difference in practice as well as in theory.

  • Dominek Dalma :
    Environment of Media Pedagogy339-342en [43.68 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0060

    The environment of media pedagogy is a very important topic. I was made survey, that how much environment news have got run in the radio and the television. In my topic, I would like to confirm, that the media can be teaching environment.

  • Burián Miklós :
    Outlines of a New Method for Infant Music Teaching343-352en [94.00 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0070

    This paper is about a research of music teaching. As there have been changes of the values of school subjects because of globalisation, there are some subjects overestimated (the ones of natural sciences, techniques and foreign languages), and others, like the ones of arts, have been underestimated. Children at school do not have access to 'good' music. Their teachers in the first grade regarding music teaching are mostly under-qualified. Children listen to pop music at singing lessons. Kodály's principles, to give children only good music which would make their soul safe and sound seem to have lost their appreciation. This research tries to give some answers to the problems while finding new ways at music teaching, not denying Kodály's principals, which target to find pleasure in music to form a harmonised one for life. The method of this experiment used virtual polyphony with sound planes to provide children wider chance for creating and improvising music on their own. This and other exercises like using meditative states (musical stillness, clusters), and some forms of ritual dances, shaman's drumming (ecstasy) helped children a lot to get into a flow or catharsis. To take children into an other mind state was not a selfish goal; we wanted them to enjoy a euphoria practising music so that they would return to singing lessons with a great desire. These experiments provide some statistical measurements.

  • Kovács Katalin ,
    Sáringerné Szilárd Zsuzsa :
    Social Integration through School Games in P.E. Class353-358en [436.92 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0080

    Integrated education is not only favorable for people with disabilities if the necessary circumstances are provided, but also for students studying in majority schools. Teachers are not yet professional prepared for inclusion and are not sufficiently aware of inclusive pedagogy in Physical Education. Physical movement games provide the foundation for the attitudes of individuals to their peers. It is important to propose some educational methodologies and physical education games which do not require special training or experience but provide a solid base for PE teachers in inclusive educational situations.

  • Szirmai Erika :
    Steps to Counter Bullying: A Summary of Methods and Techniques359-368en [74.11 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0090

    Over the last three decades school bullying has been a more and more widely researched phenomenon in several European countries, as well as overseas in Canada, the United States and also in Australia. Everyday experience and research results both indicated a strong need for prevention and intervention, which soon started, on different levels. The procedures include those aiming at the participants themselves and those aiming at the wider community, steps to intervene when bullying happens and steps to prevent bullying form happening. Some procedures are organized around one specific idea, some combine different techniques. The person responsible for the steps can be a peer or an adult, one individual or teams. The difference in them reflects different interpretations of bullying itself, considering it as an act of individual responsibility or that of some malfunction of a whole community - with the latter being more widely accepted. This summary introduces the steps suggested for reducing bullying, with special respect to those less known in the Hungarian context. The steps include the "Whole school approach", befriending, Circle time, Circle of friends, mediation, peer support approaches like "No Blame", the Method of Shared Concern, School Tribunal / Bully Courts, restorative practice, assertiveness building, bystander training, School Watch and also mentions procedures aimed at school staff like training school personnel, enhancing playground supervision, reorganizing activities or at improving the physical environment of the schools by rebuilding places where children are not attended. These procedures are carried out under different conditions and in different contexts, which makes it difficult to compare them. Data about their efficiency is rather scarce, and most often do not stand the test of objectivity and reliability. An example of where this is done and several of the above procedures are evaluated and compared is the anti-bullying programme of the British Ministry of Education, the results of which are also introduced.

  • Klapcsik Zsuzsanna :

    In my paper I attempted to introduce social pedagogy as a profession and a job. I described that aptitude for a helping profession is a result of a very long personality development process. The basis of the aptitude is the suitable motivation, good motivation is the joint effect of several events and abilities. In accordance with Super's theory I emphasized the following processes: curiosity and interest in childhood, parental pattern, acquisition of professional-human abilities, trying out the helping profession in practice, career socialization process and higher education training. Professional personality developed by mid-life is the proof that suitability exists in this profession.

  • Zora Jachova ,
    Aleksandra Karovska :

    A cochlear implant is a small, complex electronic device that can help to provide a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard-of-hearing. Cochlear implantation may open the door to educational choices that parents may not have previously considered making. Children with CI can be educated in mainstream settings. We conducted a single case study investigating the qualitative aspects of the inclusion process of a child with a cochlear implant in a mainstream school in Republic of Macedonia. Our intention was to give a description of the life and events in the inclusive classroom and to determine the social implications of the disability. This was an original study, the first one of its kind in our country. We believe that this study gave precious and valuable findings about the manner of administration of the process of inclusion of the children with a cochlear implant in the regular schools. Because this was an action research it resulted with the development of an action plan or as we called them - strategies for working with children with cochlear implants in the inclusive schools. These work strategies were recommended to the teachers that work with our examinee but they are also available to the general population.

  • A. Pazhakh ,
    Rahmatollah Soltani :

    Extensive reading, ER, can be considered as a good learning technique to improve learners' vocabulary knowledge. ER is a type of reading instruction program used in ESL or EFL settings, as an effective means of vocabulary development. The subjects participated in this study included were 40 upper-intermediate and 40 lower-intermediate learners drawn from a population through a proficiency test to see if ER helps them improve their vocabulary knowledge at the above-stated levels. To this end, at each level an experimental and a control group (EG and CG) were formed each of which comprised 20 subjects randomly selected and assigned. All the conditions especially teaching materials were kept equal and fixed at each level, except for the EG the subjects were given five extra short stories to read outside for ten weeks. The results showed that EG at both levels indicated improvement in their vocabulary learning after the experiment.

  • J. Klér Andrea ,
    Budavári-Takács Ildikó :
    A Study of the Problem Solving Strategies of University Students399-406en [159.80 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0130

    In accordance with our initial hypothesis the majority of our students prefer problem oriented coping strategies which creates a favorable foundation for developing their counseling skills, and increases the number of ways they solve problems. However, when developing subject curriculum we must consider the fact that most student are better at problem analysis than at actual action oriented coping, and the number of those preferring passive techniques are not insignificant either. Our results clearly proved that possessing active forms of problem solving techniques positively correlates with having intrinsic life goals, results in increased feeling of competence, self-confidence and satisfaction, while it also facilitates a more flexible, and more self-determined behavior of the individual, along with better utilization of personal cognitive resources.

  • Gülsen Varlikli Öztürk ,
    Ayla Akbas :
    Determination of Needs in Guidance for a Group of Gypsy/Roma Children407-411en [56.81 kB - PDF]EPA-01428-00014-0140

    The purpose of this pilot study was to determine demographic features and developmental needs of a group of Gypsy/Roma children between 10 to 14 years old (n=46). The aim of the study was centered on the process of helping by determining these features and needs for a semi-structured psycho-social support program which was designed for Turkey within the leadership of Ministry of Education (MEB) and the technical support of The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

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