Elektronikus Könyv és Nevelés

Volume 11 – Number 4 – 2009



Pedagogy of reading

Textbooks, teaching aids

History of education

Outlook – News

Table of contents


Mihály Balogh: Show








Katalin Varga – Andrea Dömsödy: Leading school-inspector's report about school-supervision in school libraries in 2008




Gizella Nyírő: The activity order of talent development in a model school




László Jáki: Endre Zibolen in National Educational Library




Mária Rákóczi Borostyáni: Klára Bősze Gráber won the Szinnyei-Prize






Pedagogy of reading




Zsuzsanna Tószegi: The dethronement of reading? Contributions to the question of book reading or screen reading     




György Pogány: Opinions about girls' reading habits and readings in the first half of dualism (1867-1895)




Mária Gósy: About reading disability and dyslexia




István Tóth H.: Poetry unlimited




Erzsébet Golnhofer – Éva Szabolcs: Reading instruction, reading promotion: memory fragments




Réka Sólyom: Today's neologisms from primary and secondary school students' of view




Dóra Bárdos: Reading comprehension in secondary schools




Katalin Forrai: Identity – Language – Strangeness (Peter Handke: Kaspar)




Krisztián Herczog: Drama education in service of reading promotion




Boglárka Csepregi Szabó: Leading-Role (Drama education as a part of reading promotion in the lower classes of a primary school)




László Kassovitz: Elek Benedek was celebrated by tales and drawings






Textbooks, teaching aids




János Lukáts: „Be reality from your example...” The world concept of primary school textbooks 1947-1955     




István Franyó: An old book with new face




Károly Szabó: Darwin in the textbooks




Erzsébet Angyal: Elek Benedek and the stamp






History of education



Elek Benedek for a highly educated and literate nation (a commemoration in the National Educational Library and Museum)




Miklós Mann: Educational policy in the turn of 19-20th century




Mária Farkas: About Elek Benedek's history books for elementary schools




József Bárdos: Elek Benedek, the reviser of genius (The unknown Elek Benedek)




Tünde Tancz: The influence of Elek Benedek's work on reading promotion




László Pál Galuska: From a fortress made of boards to the iceland. About Elek Benedek's writing of fairy tales




László Jáki: Elek Benedek, the editor of children and youth magazines



Ferenc Kazinczy was born 250 years ago




István Mészáros: Kazinczy, the author of a reform textbook




József Benczédy: The Kazinczy-competitions




Anna Jászó Adamik: What would please Kazinczy nowadays?     




Kornél Vajda: Kazinczy, the preceptor




Zoltán Dóra: Why do Kazinczy turn in his grave? Slang, nastiness and obscenity of the language use of today's papers




Edit Birck: Up and down in Hungary – follow in Kazinczy's wake




An extract from Kazinczy's work „Memories of my profession”




An extract from the work „Memorial speech about Kazinczy” written by József Eötvös




László Jáki: The most important literature of educational history concerning Kazinczy






Outlook – News





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