Elektronikus Könyv és Nevelés

Volume 8 – Number 1 – 2006



Pedagogy of reading

Textbooks, teaching aids*

History of Education

News – Outlook

Table of contents


Mihály Balogh: Show








Andrea Dömsödy: Schoolbooks of library-use and the sholarship of the period (political matter)     




Edit Száraz Nagy, Mrs. Nagy: The weekdays of a librarian




Krisztina Major, Mrs. Tárnok: Opening up new channels in the library




Erika Bondor: Closing remarks in the beginnig of a dialogue




Katalin Lovász, Mrs. Bognár – Kati Wéber: School and library






Pedagogy of reading




Éva Gyarmati Szabó: Information-seeking behaviour of the secondary school students     




Katalin Gór: How make Attila József's poetry liked by people?




Attila Nagy: Way to the world-congress






Textbooks, teaching aids




János Lukáts: Rumours about twilight-country




Kornél Vajda: In french mirror




Péter Pátrovics: Opinions about Hungary in Austrian history schoolbooks




Pál Szontágh: Outlined impressions relating to Hungarian-language history schoolbooks of some neighbouring countries




László Jáki: Kossuth in an eglish language schoolbook




János Hrabovszki: About the International Institut of Schoolbook Research called Georg Eckert




Rita Etessy: Turning pages and finally find: review about Publishing House RAABE     




László Jáki: Additional materials to the history of libraries of secondary school-teachers. 1920–1944.




András Nádasi: HUNDIDAC-2005. Prizecompetition in the classification of school-appliances






History of Education




Imre Juhász: Who was Pál Gönczy?




Katalin Fehér: Document collection of National Educational Library and Museum




Erzsébet Áment: Ödön Szelényi, the scholar teacher




Károly Szabó: In our's mother tongue




Katalin Fehér: Scholar teachers




András Nádasi: Museum of Teaching Aids. Demonstrations for Thermodinamics I.






News – Outlook




Gabriella Szalóki: The International Digital Libray of Children's and Youth Literature




Zsuzsanna Hock: Roamings of world-day




News – Outlook


* In number 4 (2005) of this journal is mentioned that because of the EU and the globalisation it is increasingly recommended to pay more attention than till now, that a true notion of Hungary can be formed by the world, especially by the youth of the neighbouring countries. Within the compass of the serie of this journal, now schoolbooks from Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania will be analysed. Unfortunately, it is proved in these studies, that more inaccuracy and unscholarly statement can be found in these schoolbooks.

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