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Ákos Egyed: The Diaspora-question in Historiography between the Two World Wars    125

Zoltán Ilyés: The Role of the Specialized Homecraft and of Religion in the Perpetuance of a Dispersed Allochton Community  128

Gábor Biczó: On the Eve of Assimilation and Identity-change: the Case of Dămăcuşeni, a Reformed Diaspora in Northern-Transylvania         139

Barna Bodó: Part Rechearsal: Notes from the Minority Tunnel  147

Vilmos Keszeg: The Fate of the Diaspora in Stories        159

Ferenc Albert: Village and Modernization     164

Ferenc Pozsony: A Dispersed Hungarian Community in Sibiu County          185

Klára Gazda: The Hungarian Swinging-Tradition from a Comparative Perspective  193

Katalin Olosz: Tamás Vass: The Forgotten Collector of Hungarian Folk-poetry     237

 István Pál Demény  :  The Dilemmas Regarding the Gathering of Moldavian Csángó Folk-songs and Folk-poetry 246


Samu Benkő: „In Diaspora” Scientific Conference (Opening Speach) 248

Pál Péter Tóth: The Sociological-demographical Situation of Hungarian and Mixed (Hungarian-Romanian, Romanian-Hungarian) Families in Northern-Transylvania between 1942–1944    251

István Imreh: The General Evaluation of the 1942 Survey 259

Elemér Mezei: Remarks about „In Diaspora”, Pál Péter Tóth's Book  263

János Péntek: Constat about the Lingvistic Consequences of the Diaspora Situation        287

József Birtók: Religiosity 291

Ágnes Neményi: The Analysis of Pál Péter Tóth's Book „In Diaspora” with Special Regard to the Property Status of the Transylvanian Villager Family   295

László Vetési: The Book and What Follows 302

Barna Bodó: The Research of the Diaspora 312

Ernő Gáll   :  In Diaspora          317

Szilárd-Zoltán Ilyés: Outline to the Elaboration of a Wider Diaspora-concept         319

In memoriam

Zoltán Vincze: István Ferenczi – the Fate of Transylvanian Archeologists     325


Zsolt Gyarmati: Social Space as Historical Subject          330

Andrea Gazda: The Sekler National Dress as a Complex System of Symbols        332

András W. Kovács: About the Two New Study-aids of the Hungarian National Archives 333

Society Communications

The documents of the General Assembly from the 3rd of June 2000

Greeting-speaches 341

The Secretary-general Report of the 1999–2000 Year      343

Tamás Soó's Report about the Economic anf Financial Activity of the 1999 Year  350

Jenő Kerekes's Auditor-report  353

György Szabó's Elections as Honorary Member (Árpád Antal's laudation)   355


To Our Authors    357

Our Authors         359

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