The Schallers' holiday in Szeged

James and Janelle Schaller, a nice American couple from Perrysburgh, Ohio, visited Szeged. They spent 4 days in "the city of sunshine" from 22 November until 25 November 2009. Their hosts were Réka Valastyán Dr. and Márton Sulyok Dr., both of them participated in and graduated from the American Training for Legal Experts organized within the cooperation of the University of Szeged - Faculty of Law and the Toledo University. The two young Hungarian lawyers spent 4 weeks in Toledo, Ohio within the frame of internship, Réka in 2007 and Márton in 2008, when they got acquainted with James and Janelle in Toledo, where they work as lawyers. While observing the American legal practice their relationship grew into friendship.

This was the reason why the Schallers chose Hungary as the destination of their autumn holiday. They went to sightseeing and visited the most famous buildings, sights and places of Szeged, including the Dóm, Reök Palace, Old Synagogue, the City Hall, the University of Szeged together with TIK, the Water Tower in Szent István Square, Pick Salami and Paprika Museum, Heroes' Square, bank of the River Tisza, Kárász Street, Széchenyi Square, and last but not least the Vasváry Collection in Somogyi Library. Discovering the familiar names, faces and places in the photos and articles of the Collection was quite interesting and surprising. Since the group consisted of lawyers, the guests were hearing a civil and a criminal trial in the Municipal Court of Szeged.

Furthermore they were welcomed in the most beautiful lawyer's office in Hódmezővásárhely. This was a good opportunity to take a quick look at the Hungarian legal life, although definitely vacation was the purpose of their visit. Subsequently they had a nice coffee in the "Fekete Sas" Café surrounded by the atmosphere of the early 20th century. Concerning "the Hungaricums", Janelle liked the authentic and traditional clothes the best, while James preferred the Hungarian wines and dishes. In short words: they had fun in Szeged! Besides the official connections, the cooperation between Szeged and Toledo as sister cities must be confirmed further on by creating more and more personal relationships among people living in the other sides of the ocean.

Vissza az oldal tetejére

Réka Valastyán Dr.