The New Organizational Structure of the National Széchényi Library   5

Pannonian Phoenix, or the Hungarian Language Arisen From the Ashes    7

"Theatre in the Northern Light"    13

The Bibliography of Hungarian newspapers and Journals 1921-1944   17

For Creating Modern Library Services   21

Memorial speech on the Occasion of the National Széchényi Library's Move Into the Buda Castle    23

The Music Collection of the National Széchényi Library    27

Domokos Kosáry a Life Member of the National Széchényi Library    31

The National Széchényi Library's Doctors of Science   33

Our most attractive Hungarian books;  37

Cover 1: Portrait of Ferenc Széchényi by Johann Ender

Cover 2, 3: Deed of Foundation of the National Library, dated to November 25, 1802

Cover 4: The Széchényi Family's Coat of Arms

Pictures illustrating the featured articles are representing the art objects of the exhibition: "Pannonian Phoenix".
Photos © National Széchényi Library, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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