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Kisebbségkutatás16. évf. (2007.) 2. sz.


Tanulmányok - A kisebbségi magyarok nyelvhasználata


  • Tátrai Patrik :

    The geographical dimensions of the ethnic and religious identity in Slovakia

    The present study aims to outline the strength of the ethnic and religious identity in the case of the ethnic minorities in Slovakia. Recently there are five bigger ethnic group in Slovakia with differences in the strength of their identity. With the comparison of census datas (mother tongue, nationality, denominationality) and the result of the elections, these differences can be well stood out. Unsurprisingly, the Slovaks have the strongest identity, the Hungarians and Czechs have also quite strong self-awareness on contrary the weak ethnic identity of the Rusyn-Ukrainian and Roma population. On the basis of the main statistical indicators, the regional aspects of the identity can be analyzed. In the hungarian-slovak, rusyn-slovak mixed area, it is possible to draw the ethnic border/contactzone and to localize the multiidentical population. With this method, we can find the regions, where the unfavourable processes (assimilation, loss of the native language) cause deteriorating situation for the ethnic minorities.


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