Imre Márczi: 
'By the Sweat of Your Brow...'
In the name of the European unlimited development we are on the way to exploit our natural resources, and damage our planet. We do need a kind of spiritual energy co struggle out of our trap.


Lightning symbolizes the glimmer of life. The fruitful power and authority. A powerful and quick, beneficent or fatal fire from heaven.
Extracts from the book entitled 'Dictionnaire des Symboles' by jean Chevalief and Alain Gheerbrant. Translated by Judit Maruszki.

Environment and Energy

Zsuzsa Foltányi -- András Szalóki:
Short-term Energy Policy -- Long-term Troubles 
There is an urgent need in Hungary of a long-term environmentally concerned energy policy. The authors list and analyse the most important missing elements of our energy strategy.

Zoltán Lontay:
Why Do We Have to Speak about Energy? 
Essay on the determining conditions of the power economy, and the role of energy in our world.

Lajos Eff:
Debates about Energy -- Energy of Debates 
An outline of the debates about energy with especial regard to nuclear power. The author analyses the features of the discussions, the pros and cons of atomic energy and the possibilities of alternative energy resources.

Dr István Barótfi: 
Biomass as One of the Aternative Energy Resources
The global energy and environmental crisis call attention to the importance of renewable energy resources. The author outlines the ecological model, of agriculture based on biomass energy as a possible solution to the recent crisis of the Hungarian agriculture, and the global energy, climate and food supply troubles.

József Bimbó: 
Toward a "Sustainable Power Economy" with Solar Energy
The global usage of fossil fuels leads to an ecological catastrophe Solar electricity provides the green alternative to producing power by not consuming fossil fuel nor creating pollutants. The article surveys the possibilities of the solar energy applications in our every day life.

Miklós Okrutay: 
Heat Power Station at Kelenföld
The history and semantic change of a power station in Budapest from the beginning of the century by now.

Power Cut
Some useful advice about energy conservation and energy efficiency at home.

Pattern Language

Bike Paths and Racks 
Bikes are cheap, healthy, and good for the environment; but the environment is not designed for them. Bikes on roads are threatened by cars; bikes on paths threaten pedestrians. This can be handled by building an appropriate bike path system...
Extracts from the book entitled 'A pattern language: Towns, buildings, construction' by Christopher Alexander.

Ways and Ways out -- Energy Dreams

György Egely:
Technology and Environmental Protection
The Great Unutilized Possibilities of Power Generation
Buried in the inventors' garages and archives of offices there is the secret of our future clean natural energy resource, the vacuum power. We can not afford to leave it unused any more.

László Hollós:
Talks about 'Clean' Energy 
In the January episode of 'Gaia' Ecological Film Magazine on Hungarian TV2 home and foreign experts spoke about their 'energy dreams'. Extracts from the programme.

Ecology and Ideology

Erwin Nickel:
Paranormal Phenomena in Our Universal Order 
We know, that soul, this inner world exists and we search into the cause of it. We know, that the external world of physicists and astronomers exists and we are in search of the bounds of it.
But do we exactly know what is inside and what is outside?
An essay by Erwin Nickel from the book entitled 'Psychologie der Kultur'. 
Translated by Judit Czárán.


Selection from the literature on energy in the collection -- of the 'Silk Mill Library'.