The Ecology of Our Life

When we launched our journal we expressed that we would like to deal with the widest cultural area of ecology not just its environmental field. We were encouraged by the root of the word of ecology. The original meaning of the Greek word 'OIKOS' is house, homeland, household. In the time of myths and superstitions about modernization, home and familiarity have become the greatest challenge and desire. This means in the economic sense 'small is beautiful', in the political sense think globally, act locally' and in the cultural sense 'we are on the world to be at home there'.

In this issue we show the best of a photo collection. Photos reflecting the continuity created from below and the golden age of familiarity in the midst of wars and dictatorship. Most of the photos were taken by 'Sándor' and 'Emil', members of a free-rower club from the Vöcsök boathouse, between 1935 and 1960. Our writings are inspired by these photos. We try to recall the atmosphere of this vanished world by means of period materials as well.