Lajos Eff:
The Purpose and Importance of Environmental Education 
Thoughts on the aims, methods and approaches of environmental education.


Book as the symbol of science, wisdom, divine revelation, the universe and the secrets of God.
Extracts from the book entitled 'Dictionnaire des symboles' by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant. Translated by Judit Maruszki.

Environment and Education

Ilona Szávai:
Language Teaching and Environmental Education 
One of the most fruitful ways to incorporate environmental education into the school curriculum is to treat of environ-mental topics in foreign language teaching.

Ilona Szávai:
Irregular Teacher Extension Training
Experiments of Environmental Education in the Independent Ecological Center. Experiences of a special training for teachers, involved in environmental education.

Tamás Vásárhelyi: 
Nature in the Museum 
Hidden treasures in store-rooms. A visit to the Museum of Natural Science.

Gabriella Deszpot: 
Developing Organic Schools 
Extracts from the author's manuscript entitled 'Handbook of environmental education for organic schools'. The book was written using the experiences of the educational experiments carried out in the Nagykovácsi Primary School, from 1988 to 1992.

András Legány:
Environmental Education in Camps
Make children familiar with nature and they will love and take care of it. Advice how to organize environment friendly camps for kids.

László Hollós:
The 'Green School' of Our Dreams
The 8 May 1993 episode of 'Gaia' Ecological Film Magazine on Hungarian TV 1 dealt with environmental education. Extracts from the programme.

Selections from the literature of environmental education in the collection of the 'Silk-Mill Library'.

Pattern Language

Network of Learning 
Towns, communities as the network for an active way of learning, in a new decentralized educational system. Extracts from the book entitled 'A pattern language: Towns, buildings, construction' by Christopher Alexander.

Ways and Ways out

Judit Vásárhelyi: 
Organic Possibilities for a Small Region 
People's Academy in Dörögdi Basin 
Efforts to revive local communities by means of environmental protection, ecotourism, organic farming etc. 

András Csonka: 
Academy of Ecology 
The plans and purposes of an Academy of Ecology, which is being born.

Ecology and Ideology

Ferenc Bodor:
The Papanek Phenomenon 
Timely Ideas from the sixties. 'How can design reduce pollution, overcrowding, starvation, obsolescence and other modern ills? ...Poverty is not destiny but a challenge that can be faced successfully. Poverty is the mother of innovation.' 
Book review on the book entitled 'Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change' by Victor Papanek.

Gyula Sípos (S) 
The carpet
The first part of the author's essay is about our modern illnesses. Love is the only remedy for these deadly diseases.